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INVESTOR VOICES Passion Projects

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Passion Projects

Editorial Staff | 24 Sep 2019

Lorraine Beato is passionate about real estate and providing people with a place of their own.


Lorraine-BeatoDesigner, Realtor®, investor, and mentor Lorraine Beato is as much a Renovation Rockstar as are the properties she flips. She shares her reasons for real estate and some advice for newcomers.


Why are you passionate about real estate?

My why is creating beautiful living spaces that are affordable for first-time home buyers. I am passionate about real estate because I love providing people with a place of their own to create amazing memories and raise a family, all while building equity and wealth in a tangible asset.


What are signs you look for in a potential project?

For me, it’s all about the location and the numbers. The numbers need to make sense and I need to have two exit strategies before I get into a deal. There are too many people right now jumping in and getting into the hype of flipping, overpaying and then getting stuck or shorting on the renovation budget and can’t sell.


Advice for first-time flippers?

Do NOT do it alone! Thurman Robinson was smart. He heard me speak on the Think Realty panel in 2016 and asked how he could learn more. I told him I would help him with his first deal that he bought and owned, totally minimizing his risk because his money was backed by the home. I charge a minimal fee up front and then we split profits so there’s an incentive for both of us to want to make it a success.


For inspiring professional design ideas, fix-and-flip information, and more visit


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Thurman Robinson - Renovation Rockstar: Atlanta Flip

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Renovation Rockstar: Atlanta Flip

Avatar Editorial Staff | 14 Aug 2019

A partnership can be worth thousands in the flipping business.


Details of the Deal

Location: Atlanta, GA

3 bed / 1 bath / 1080 sq ft

Purchase Price: $57,000

Renovation Budget: $53,000

Sale Price: $162,500

When real estate entrepreneur Lorraine Beato spoke on a panel at Think Realty’s 2016 event in Atlanta, GA, little did she know that the young gentleman wearing a red cardigan asking to apprentice with one of the panelists would turn out to be one of her first flipping mentees. Thurman Robinson took an affinity to Beato at the Think Realty event, and he has stayed in touch with her since. In summer 2018, Robinson wanted to be part of a renovation project and before he invested $25,000 into someone else’s project, he turned to his trusted advisor who he affectionately calls his “shark.”


“Lorraine has saved me from losing thousands of dollars,” Robinson said.


Determined to start on his real estate investing path, Robinson brought a potential deal to Beato. She reviewed the details and told him she didn’t feel the numbers lined up nor were necessary questions answered. Beato told Robinson she would help him acquire his own deal and she would mentor him through his first flip.


Beato found a wholesale deal where she felt the numbers made sense and it was the perfect project for a new investor. They made a full price offer to the wholesaler who then turned around and said they were going for highest and best. Being an astute investor and Realtor®, Beato told the wholesaler that they would stand at their offer. Two days later, when the highest buyer could not perform, the wholesaler called Beato back.


As with any real estate deal, hurdles often occur. A hard money lender pulled a bait and switch on terms 24 hours prior to closing, but Beato was not going to allow someone to take advantage of her mentee. She called her go-to lender and due to her relationships was able to get new terms just three hours later. She called the wholesaler, explained the situation and asked for a 24-hour extension. The wholesaler gave them 48 hours. Exactly 24 hours after the original close date and time, Robinson had closed on his first real estate transaction!


The second hurdle came when a timeline of five weeks turned into five months. Contractor delays led to finding new contractors and one hurdle led to another. However, even with the timeline delays, the overage on the budget, and the additional holding costs, they turned a huge profit! Although their holding time increased, the market worked in their favor and they sold the home $17,500 above their initial projected sales price.


Beato used her skills as both an investor and a seasoned Realtor® to stay on budget as best as possible. Her design skills came into play when they changed the layout of the home (they opened some walls and closed a doorway). In addition, her retail real estate skills got them multiple offers in less than two weeks and the happy buyer closed ahead of the closing date. Knowing what home buyers are looking for and providing a beautifully renovated home at an affordable price is key in any real estate market.


“This project is a prime example of a “Renovation Rockstar” because I took a young, new investor and successfully helped him flip his first home! Plus, we killed it on the ROI,” Beato said.


After their profit split, Robinson walked away with a 52 percent net return on his out-of-pocket investment in less than six months. Not bad for a newbie — or any investor!


“The next time you attend a Think Realty event, you never know who you are going to run into or what you can learn. Had Thurman not stood up in the front of that room and asked to intern, he may still be looking for his first project or sunk his $25k into someone else’s project and possibly not made any money,” Beato said.


For inspiring professional design ideas, fix-and-flip information, and more visit


Come to Think Realty’s Atlanta event this month to meet Lorraine Beato and others as they share their experience and knowledge in everything real estate! Get your ticket here.


Exterior AfterExterior After

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Certified Life Coach

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Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and College - 2010

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Nominations to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges are based upon academic achievement, service to the university and community, leadership in extra-curricular activities, junior or senior status, and future potential. “Who’s Who” represents an elite group of students selected from more than 1,400 institutions of higher learning in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and several foreign nations. Outstanding students have been honored in the annual directory since 1934. Certificates are presented to students selected for this honor.


Armstrong, Kassandra

Bland, Marcus

Bradford, Dierra

Cuthbertson, Precious

Davis, Cieara

Ashley, Eddy

Edwards, Darius

Felton, Carrie

Glover, Stephanie

Grandy, Whitney

Hall, KaiMeisha

Holmes, Keshia

Kelly Jaren

Kelli, Kelsie

Love, Tiffney

McInnis, Nicole

Miller, Otteria

Monroe, Diana

Pearsall, Ashley

Pierson, Vincent

Purnell, Whitney

Revell, Raven

Rice, Julian

Robinson, Jr., Thurman

Sumner, Kanita

Walker, Curtis

Williams, Alvina

Williams, LaTesiya

F.L.A.M.E. (Finding Leaders Among Minorities Everywhere) 2010

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Article By Bianca Warren
Pictures By Thurman Robinson

F.L.A.M.E. (Finding Leaders Among Minorities Everywhere) is an experience of a lifetime.

The F.L.A.M.E. program is a four-day program in its 17th year. It is hosted by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and is funded by corporate sponsors. 

The program taught career and leadership development through various presentations by U.S. Olympians such as Ivan Lee (fencing, 2004); Teresa Edwards (basketball, 1984, 88, 92, 96, 2000); Derek Parra (speedskating, 1998, 2002, 06); Cindy Stinger (team handball, 1984, 88, 92) and Willie Banks (athletics 1980, 84, 88. Other presenters were Paralympian Ralph Green (skiing, 2006, 10); Olympic hopefuls Jason Pryor (fencing) and Jesse Beckom, III (bobsled).  There were also presentations by various employees of the USOC.

The program wasn't all sit down presentations. The 29 participants had the opportunity to sit in on a fencing demo where they learned about the sport, then actually participated in the demo. Along with the fencing demo there was a table tennis demo where the participants learned about the sport and played against a 15 year-old national champion.

The participants were able to do a "behind the scenes" tour of the Olympic Training Complex.  During their stay for the program they were able to live, eat and workout in the same facilities with Olympians/Paralympians & hopefuls!

They took a trip to Garden of the Gods, which is a very popular tourist site and a place where local residents go hiking and rock climbing.


There were approximately 75 applicants for the program, however only 29 were chosen. Participants came from all ends of the United States, from New Jersey to Florida, from Virginia and Georgia, all the way to California. Some of the schools represented were; Virginia State University, University of Alabama, Barry University and Temple University just to name a few.


Once the program came to a close there was nothing but good remarks from the participants to those who helped host the program. Many of the participants said, "The F.L.A.M.E. program was an unforgettable experience." Another participant stated that they enjoyed the new relationships they created at the program. Benecia Newhouse and Christine Taylor, both USOC employees & F.L.A.M.E. staff stated, "The F.L.A.M.E. 2010 class was one of the best classes the program has ever had."


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In the last few days I have been asked the question, what is your ultimate goal in life, what is it you really want to do in life with all your different areas of experience? My response:

     My ultimate goal in life is to become a chief executive officer or chief officer on the executive level. I’ve completed a lot of research on high level executives and members of management’ skill sets, education background and work experience via the internet and by networking. I came up with my skills, work experiences and future goals below needed to successfully perform at that level:

          -management (operations)






          -budgeting and finances


     Above is what I need to reach my ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE. I have entry level experience in everything above through work, conferences or internships excluding law. I will pursue a Juris Doctor for that skill. When I pursue a MBA-Marketing /JD degree, I will receive an advance level of education and work experience that will prepare me to function and perform lucratively at an executive level.



I then was asked, have you thought about entrepreneurship?


     I responded, yes, social entrepreneurship. Last year I started working on an event management and planning philanthropic company where I was the founder and CEO. The skill sets that I need to manage a profitable company are listed above in bullets.The company was geared towards social entrepreneurship, providing a mission that supports social improvement. I was given advice from my entrepreneur mentors.  The advice was, “Its better to go out, get work experience and make and build relationships; network. When its time for you to start your own business, you can make those deals by a phone call or shake of a hand. Networking is not about what you know, but who you know and ULTIMATLY who knows you!” I plan to put in 10 – 20 years of work before I go into entrepreneurship.

The Globe + "Social Entrepreneurship" = Backpocket Roadmap To Success

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"Driven Philanthropist" & Future "Social Entreprenuer"
By: Thurman Robinson


Social entrepreneurship is defined as a powerful force that combines the discipline of the commercial sector with the spirit of the mission driven sector. Social entrepreneurs are revolutionaries with a social mission, social responsibility and accountability, opportunity seekers, and innovators. Social entrepreneurship has its power as a science and art, furthering the understating that wealth and philanthropy can equally coexist in the social sector. Social entrepreneurship is implementing a mission towards social improvement. The overall goal of any mission is to get the greatest community benefit out of creating innovative opportunities and new events. Social Entrepreneurship combines value creation taken from Say, innovation and change from Schumpeter, resourcefulness from Stevenson and pursuit of opportunity from Drucker. Helping and paving new avenues towards increasing social value and innovation as we enter the next decade of social enterprise is social entrepreneurship.

"The GLOBE is my map, SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the law, together they create my BACKPOCKET ROADMAP TO SUCCESS."

In the Beginning: Philosophies and Quotes

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Philosophies and Quotes were all I had in the beginning of the 11th grade. People start to talk to you about your future plans and what steps you have taken to reach that goal. They are somnething that would helps keep me on the right track and make rational decisions. This entry will include my Philosophies and Quotes; please feel free to share some of your favorites:


"Take what you can get while the gettn is good becuase time waits for no one; and when your ready, it might be to late."